Wire Saw Machine

    20 HP/15 KW,960 RPM, 3 Phase A.C. Electric motor.

    1HP DC motor coupled with gearbox for traveling movement.

    Electrical control panel with 10 meters control cable and dimmer control of machine.



  • WSM consist of a three phase main electric motor that can swivel 360° for a complete coverage of cuts i.e. bottom cut, vertical cut and angular cut by controlling the rotation of diamond wire flywheel.
  • A continuous electric drive unit powered by a D.C./A.C. electric motor allows the machine to advance along its rack forward & backward for cutting with variable speeds.
  • Independent control panel.
  • The flywheel can be provided as per speed of Diamond wire required
  • Worm reduction gear with hand lever control to rotate the transmission group in 360°
  • Special rack rails in 2 metre sections 3 pcs.
  • We also supply Machines With 720 RPM/960RPM A.C. three Phase electric motor

WSM 20 HP 1300 mm 1000 mm 1100 mm
WSM 40 HP 2300 mm 1300 mm 1200 mm
WSM 60 HP 2500 mm 1300 mm 1200 mm