Derrick Crane

450+ installations

FAST LIFTING SPEEDS of upto 30 fpm with full load with high speed design giving 6 times higher productivity. yearly maintenance expense less than that of a car.

  • 300+ installations in Rajasthan
  • 50+ installations in AP & TS 
  • 10+ installations in Karnataka 
  • 25+ installations in Tamil Nadu 2 installations in Vietnam

Technical Details:

  • The Jib, Column and Tie Members are made of welded M. S. Angles.
  • The Tie Members and Pulley Blocks for the Jib are connected by a special hinge arrangement made on top of the Column.
  • The Platform of the Winch rotates on Special Thrust Bearing.
  • The Winch unit consists of Electric Motors driving a Variable Speed Gearbox that in turn drives a Helical Gearbox manufactured by a reputed company.
  • There are different Motors for different movements like:
    1. Lifting and Lowering of the Hook.
    2. Lifting and Lowering of the Jib.
  • Hydraulic Thruster Brakes are provided for both the Hook and the Jib movements.
  • Rotation of Derrick Crane takes place with the help of a Reduction Gearbox and a Chain of Gears
  • The pulleys are mounted with special heavy duty Bearings.